President Commends SunWay Biotech as ANKASCIN® 568-R Red Yeast Rice Extract Wins SNQ Bronze Award



President Tsai Ing-Wen met with representatives of the winning medical institutions and biomedical industry of the 26th “National Biotechnology Medical Quality Award” this morning. The President remarked that today’s awardees, coming from medical and biomedical sectors, have all dedicated their efforts towards the health of the public. She expressed her gratitude for everyone’s contributions and extended her congratulations to those who have received the “SNQ National Biotechnology Medical Quality Award,” a prize esteemed as the “Oscars of the Taiwan biomedical world.” Each awarded team and product holds a world-class standard, thus strengthening the competitiveness of Taiwan’s biomedical industry further.

In the highly influential SNQ National Quality Mark competition, SunWay Biotech’s flagship product, ANKASCIN® 568-R red yeast rice extract, excelled among 260 competitors, winning the only bronze award in the Nutrition and Health Category – Special Functional Health Ingredient Group and even clinching first place in the category! This prestigious honor was accepted by General Manager Pan on behalf of SunWay Biotech, signifying the company’s exceptional innovation and quality in the health food sector, which has received high recognition from the government, industry, and academia.

Source: Office of the President