Recommendations regarding red yeast rice supplementation


An international panel of lipid experts issued recommendations regarding red yeast rice supplementation that



People who are
❗️ unwilling to take a statin or other lipid-lowering drug or
❗️ with confirmed statin intolerance
👉 may consider red yeast rice supplementation


People who are
❗️ hypersensitivity to monacolin K/lovastatin or any of the excipients
❗️ acute liver disease or severe renal impairment (eGFR <30 mL/min), or
❗️ with a muscle disease
👉should not consider taking traditional red yeast rice supplement. (which means red yeast rice supplement containing monacolin K)


Using only red yeast rice manufactured according to
✅ good manufacturing practices and
✅ containing no more than about 2 ppm of citrinin.
(EU’s maximum levels of citrinin: 100 ppb)


 SunWay Biotech applies the strictest limit, ANKASCIN 568-R, the only red yeast rice that doesn’t contain any Monacolin K/lovastain in the world. All of its benefits and safety are verified by clinical studies and liver/kidney safety assessments. Thus, consumers do not need to be concerned about drug interactions or overdose. Furthermore, ANKASCIN 568-R goes through a patented extraction process that can comply with the regulations of citrinin for each country. We are guaranteed that this ingredient will start a new page for your consumers.💪💪