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Exciting News! XYMOGEN Red Yeast Rice has been recognized as a finalist for the Nutraingredients USA Awards 2024!

🌟 Exciting News! #XYMOGEN Red Yeast Rice has been recognized as a finalist for the Nutraingredients USA Awards 2024: Botanical Product of the Year! 🌟 This marks our third consecutive nomination! #ANKASCIN568R is a clinically proven, cutting-edge ingredient featured in 130 SCI publications, supporting #5in1 health benefits. These benefits include activity against advanced glycation end products (AGEs), support for the body’s inflammatory response (cytokine balance), and improvements in blood sugar management, heart health, weight management, and cognitive health, all of which promote metabolic health and healthy aging. The uniqueness of this ingredient lies in its high levels of two active compounds, Monascin and Ankaflavin, and it is especially noteworthy for being free of #MonacolinK (statins). By activating #Nrf2 and #PPARs, it addresses core aging issues, including AGEs, inflammatory cytokines, and oxidative stress, while also enhancing lipid metabolism and insulin sensitivity. We deeply appreciate the relentless commitment of our R&D teams and the robust support from our customers. Join us in supporting XYMOGEN Red Yeast Rice as we aim for the top prize! 💪 For more info: #NutraingredientAsia #Finalist #antiaging #CardiovascularHealth #BloodSugarManagement #NIUawards23 #RedYeastRice


President Commends SunWay Biotech as ANKASCIN® 568-R Red Yeast Rice Extract Wins SNQ Bronze Award

  President Tsai Ing-Wen met with representatives of the winning medical institutions and biomedical industry of the 26th “National Biotechnology Medical Quality Award” this morning. The President remarked that today’s awardees, coming from medical and biomedical sectors, have all dedicated their efforts towards the health of the public. She expressed her gratitude for everyone’s contributions and extended her congratulations to those who have received the “SNQ National Biotechnology Medical Quality Award,” a prize esteemed as the “Oscars of the Taiwan biomedical world.” Each awarded team and product holds a world-class standard, thus strengthening the competitiveness of Taiwan’s biomedical industry further. In the highly influential SNQ National Quality Mark competition, SunWay Biotech’s flagship product, ANKASCIN® 568-R red yeast rice extract, excelled among 260 competitors, winning the only bronze award in the Nutrition and Health Category – Special Functional Health Ingredient Group and even clinching first place in the category! This prestigious honor was accepted by General Manager Pan on behalf of SunWay Biotech, signifying the company’s exceptional innovation and quality in the health food sector, which has received high recognition from the government, industry, and academia. Source: Office of the President


How to choose Safe Red Yeast Rice?

Adopting the highest industry standards as part of our daily routine enables us to confidently face unexpected challenges. Our unwavering dedication to stringent quality control inspections has proven invaluable, underscoring our commitment to achieving unparalleled excellence. When selecting safe Red Yeast Rice, consider the following criteria to ensure quality and safety: ✅ Choose products that are pure source and production facility complies with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). ✅ Look for products that have undergone comprehensive safety evaluations, including 28-day and 90-day toxicity feeding tests, along with genotoxicity assessments. H ✅ Verify the product has been subjected to whole genome sequencing to check for the absence of toxin-producing genes. ✅ Ensure the product holds relevant international safety certifications, such as those from the US FDA or NDI. ✅ Manufacturing process with full process monitoring and comprehensive inspections to guarantee the highest quality. #QualityControl #IndustryStandards #ProfessionalExcellence #Ankascin #娘家大紅麴 #Fermedics #GTSW #AOR #Xymogen #Terranova #Gnosis #Bonusan #Sunday #NutrinatEvolution #CapitalItaliaSrl #Springfield #上海國醫館 #Divalife  

【Statement】SunWay Biotech Co., Ltd.’s red yeast rice raw material ANKASCIN 568-R is safe in quality and source.

The red yeast rice raw material ANKASCIN 568-R, manufactured by SunWay Biotech Co., Ltd. (herein after “SunWay”), undergoes a rigorous production process. Here below are the key points SunWay declares:   Local Rice Sourcing: The fermentation white rice used in ANKASCIN 568-R is sourced from local Taiwanese rice merchants through contractual agreements. This ensures traceability and quality control. Exclusive Patented Solid-State Fermentation Process: The unique patented solid-state fermentation process is employed during production. Certifications and Compliance: The production facility in Taiwan adheres to the Good Manufacturing Practice for Health Supplements (GMP) standards set by the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration. And SunWay holds GMP certification. SunWay also holds ISO22000 and HACCP certifications. The entire production process takes place in a sterile, closed, and fully automated fermentation facility. No external red yeast rice raw materials are added, eliminating concerns about blending with materials from other sources, including Japanese manufacturers like Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Company Ltd. Human Clinical Trials and Safety Monitoring: ANKASCIN 568-R has undergone multiple human clinical trials. Safety indicators have been monitored in over 200 participants, confirming its safety for liver and kidney function. It is the only red yeast rice product to receive New Dietary Ingredients (NDI) certification from the U.S. FDA, allowing it to legally indicate the content of active ingredients and be sold in the U.S. Stringent […]


SunWay Biotech and Gnosis by Lesaffre Form Alliance to Launch New ANKASCIN®/MenaQ7 Product: MenaQ7® Metabolic

  California, USA – March 14, 2024 – SunWay Biotech and Gnosis by Lesaffre proudly announce their strategic partnership at the Natural Products Expo West. Following the alliance ceremony, the companies unveiled their inaugural product, MenaQ7® Metabolic, featuring the ANKASCIN® 568-R ingredient and aiming at the USD 2 Billion Global vitamin K2 market. This product symbolizes their joint effort and marks the beginning of deeper collaboration in product development and international supply chain integration. Gnosis, a subsidiary of Lesaffre with 170 years of expertise, focuses on fermentation solutions for nutrition, health, and personal care businesses. A key global player in fermentation for more than a century, Lesaffre, with a €2.7 billion turnover, and established on all continents, counts 11,000 employees. Julie Lemahieu, Markets and Solutions Director, highlighted Gnosis’s global presence ensures close collaboration with clients worldwide. MenaQ7® Metabolic combines two key active ingredients, MenaQ7® Vitamin K2 as MK-7 and ANKASCIN® 568-R. MenaQ7® is the only Vitamin K2 as MK-7 clinically proven beneficial for bone and heart health, offering the highest quality assurance. ANKASCIN® 568-R is the world’s only red yeast rice fermentation material without Monacolin K (Statin). SunWay Biotech, invited by the US Pharmacopeial Convention (USP), contributed to the development of a red yeast rice health product chapter, and ANKASCIN® 568-R has obtained New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) status. With over […]


Remarkable Achievement! ANKASCIN® 568-R Wins Bronze in SNQ National Quality Mark Evaluation!

In a highly influential SNQ National Quality Mark evaluation, SunWay Biotech’s flagship product, ANKASCIN® 568-R red yeast extract, has emerged as the sole recipient of the Bronze Award in the Nutrition and Special Functional Health Ingredients category. This prestigious accolade, which also places ANKASCIN® 568-R as the top-ranking product in the entire category, was received by President John Pan on behalf of SunWay Biotech. It signifies the government, industry, and academia’s recognition of the company’s outstanding innovation and product quality in the field of health foods. ANKASCIN® 568-R is a groundbreaking red yeast supplement material known for its unique red yeast extract that does not contain Monacolin K. It boasts a rich content of Monascin and Ankaflavin, both of which have been scientifically proven to offer significant health benefits, including anti-glycation, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. Furthermore, ANKASCIN® 568-R has successfully passed rigorous scientific research and clinical trials, earning certification from the United States FDA as a New Dietary Ingredient (NDI). This achievement further substantiates its safety and efficacy as a leading health ingredient. The SNQ National Quality Mark is a highly authoritative award that symbolizes “Safety and Quality,” aiming to recognize exceptional achievements in products that promote healthy and high-quality living. This evaluation brought together a panel of 160 experts from the industry, government, and academia, who selected 16 outstanding […]


Exciting News! SunWay’s Quality Receives National Recognition with SNQ Certification

The 2023 SNQ (Symbol of National Quality) Certification Ceremony was held on December 19th at the Grand Mayfull Hotel in Taipei, Taiwan.   SunWay Biotech, a leading manufacturer of health and nutritional ingredients, boasts its flagship product ANKASCIN® 568-R, the only red yeast rice extract in the global market that does not contain “Monacolin K”. This product was developed by Professor Zi-Ming Pan and his professional R&D team over many years. Known as “NIANJIA Monascus Capsule”, this well-known health product is credited with regulating blood sugar, blood lipids, and anti-aging. Today, it was awarded the 2023 SNQ National Quality Mark Certificate, receiving certification in the category of nutritional health care/special functional health care ingredients. This certification represents another national-level recognition for SunWay Biotech and its “NIANJIA Monascus Capsule” product, following its achievement at the NutraIngredients Asia Awards – the ‘Oscars’ of health products – held in Singapore in September this year. The SNQ National Quality Mark, which also symbolizes “Safety and Quality”, communicates the goal of pursuing a healthy life and high-quality living. It aligns with SunWay Biotech’s corporate philosophy of “Quality First, Health Priority, Customer Foremost” and NIANJIA’s principle of “The Best for Protecting What We Love Most.”.   Each year, the SNQ is based on an extremely strict review system and standard requirements, with “scientific evidence” at its […]

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Thrilled to share the exciting news that SunWay Biotech is making waves on the international stage!

Hosting Ivy League Students from Dartmouth College Tuck School of Business! It is our honored to host Prof. Diederik Vandewalle and 25 MBA students from Dartmouth College Tuck School of Business, a member of the prestigious Ivy League. The visitors from Dartmouth explored SunWay’s Taipei headquarters as well as industry leaders in Taiwan including, TSMC, Foxconn, Google Taiwan, and etc. SunWay is the only biotech company among all in Taiwan! Chairman Mr. Bobby Sheng, President John Pan and SunWay’s team, through an interactive session, provided valuable insights into the global competitiveness and explosive growth potential of Taiwan’s thriving nutraceutical industry. SunWay’s R&D, QA, and Manufacturing departments also show Highlights shared during Dartmouth College Tuck School of Business Visit: Market leadership of SunWay: SunWay Biotech showcased its unique achievements in the nutraceutical sector in Taiwan, positioning the company as a champion in the industry. Almost 90 % red yeast product market share The only USFDA NDI approved red yeast ingredient The only red yeast product without Monacolin K/Statin-free USP recognized nutraceutical Award-Winning Products:  SunWay Biotech’s red yeast rice product, a market leader in Taiwan, received prestigious “Nutraingredient Asia Awards”   Mr. Bobby Sheng also highlighted Bora and SunWay’s collective vision. We are looking forward to leveraging Bora Group’s international network, driving SunWay Biotech into its global journey, contributing to Taiwan’s strategic […]


Breaking News! We are the 2023 NutraIngredient Asia Awards Winner!

🎉🏆Breaking News! We are thrilled to announce that our #ANKASCIN568R product – NIANGJIA Monascus Capsule, has been crowned the “Product of the Year” in the #Botanical category at the esteemed NutraIngredients Asia Awards 2023!👏👏 According to #Nielsen, NIANGJIA Monascus Capsule has shown the largest market share in Taiwan for 5 years! The specialty of ANKASCIN® 568-R is that it contains Monascin and Ankaflavin, showing anti-glycation, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant abilities via #PPARγ and #Nrf2 pathways to improve hyperglycemia, preventing fatty plaque accumulation, and ameliorating the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease, having beneficial effects on age-associated chronic disorders. This accolade serves as a testament to the incredible efforts of our team, the trust of our customers, and the recognition of #NutraIngredients. It motivates us to continue providing natural, scientifically-backed solutions that enhance well-being. We are truly honored and look forward to continuing this journey together. 🌟     Ask us to know more about this #botanical #healthyaging ingredient and product! It will drive your business growth! 📩 📞+886-2792-9568 If you want to know more about these awards, click here 👇 Formosa TV: NutraIngredient Asia Awards:   #NIUawards23 #Nutraceuticals #NutraIngredeints #HealthandWellness #Botanical #SunWayBiotech #NIANGJIA #HealthyAging


ANKASCIN 568-R Earns NFSA Certification in Egypt, Paving the Way for International Expansion!

🌟 ANKASCIN 568-R Earns NFSA Certification in Egypt, Paving the Way for International Expansion! 🌍 SunWay is thrilled to announce a major achievement in its overseas market strategy. #ANKASCIN568R Red Yeast Rice has received certification from the National Food Safety Authority (NFSA) of Egypt. This marks a historic milestone as the first Taiwanese Red Yeast Rice ingredient to obtain NFSA certification, solidifying SunWay’s presence and commitment to expanding into the African market. This significant milestone showcases SunWay Biotech International’s commitment to quality and safety and opens new doors to the African market. We are excited to continue our journey of global expansion, providing exceptional products to consumers worldwide!🚀 #SunWay #NFSA #Certification #GlobalExpansion #ANKASCIN568R #redyeastrice #Egypt #Africa