SunWay 2020 annual revenue was 314 million and will be listed on Taiwan Emerging Stock Market on January 18, 2021.

On January 12, SunWay Biotech Co., LTD. (1271) was invited by Fubon Securities Co., Ltd. to participate in the institutional investor conference. John Pan, President of SunWay Biotech, introduced two main ingredients-ANKASCIN 568-R and Vigiis 101-LAB probiotics and their application, and announced that SunWay Biotech will be listed on Taiwan Emerging Stock Market on January 18, 2021.

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Congratulations! The innovation of Professor Tzu-Ming Pan and SunWay Biotech is awarded “Advanced National Innovation Award” on 1 Dec 2020!

We, Innovators The innovation of Professor Tzu-Ming Pan and SunWay Biotech “The Red Yeast Rice- Improvement of Memory and Learning Abilities of Alzheimer’s Patients” was awarded the National Innovation Award in 2008. With the continuous innovation, specific research, and development process for promotion worldwide, this application has been twice awarded the “Advanced National Innovation Award” on 1 Dec 2020!   Advanced National Innovation Award Advanced National Innovation Award Advanced National Innovation Award Advanced National Innovation Award


ConsumerLab RYR Supplements Review: A different red yeast rice

A CL member asked about a newer type of red yeast rice known as ANKASCIN 568-R Plus. ConsumerLab added information about it to its Red Yeast Rice Review.   Ankascin 568-R Plus A very different type of red yeast rice product on the market is Ankascin 568-R Plus (Sunway Biotech Co., Ltd., Taiwan), which contains an extract of red yeast rice focusing on two compounds, ankaflavin and monascin, as opposed to the lovastatin compounds normally in red yeast rice products. It is a certified health food in Taiwan for regulating lipid function and to assist in regulating blood glucose function. It was accepted by the U.S. FDA as a new dietary ingredient in 2018 (which does not mean that it is effective, but that the FDA has not expressed safety concerns). An 8-week, placebo-controlled (but not double-blinded) study in Taiwan among 40 people with metabolic syndrome found no negative effects of Ankascin 568-Plus (500 mg daily) on liver, kidney, or thyroid function, nor any indication of muscle breakdown. There was no significant decrease in fasting blood glucose or triglyceride levels compared to placebo, but there was a 19% decrease in LDL cholesterol versus a 1.9% decrease with placebo. Although funding of the study was not disclosed, one of the study authors is employed by Sunway Biotch (Liu, J Food Drug Analysis 2018). It […]

SunWay Biotech is awarded “Taiwan Bio Awards” in 2020.

Congratulations! SunWay Biotech is awarded “Taiwan Bio Awards” in 2020.

In the annual “Taiwan BIO Awards”, SunWay Biotech passed all the steps from the preliminary review to the final one by its multinational patents and strain-based market planning. SunWay Biotech has stood out from 55 biotechnology industry companies and awarded “Taiwan BIO Awards- Emerging Company of the Year“ in 2020!   BIO Asia-Taiwan 2020 International Conference & Exhibition SunWay Biotech company is awarded by President Tsai, Ing-Wen Professor Pan, Tzu-Ming introduced the history of SunWay Biotech company Speech of Professor Pan, Tzu-Ming Professor Pan, Tzu-Ming SunWay Biotech is awarded “Taiwan Bio Awards” in 2020.


[Emergency Notice!!]

[Emergency Notice!!] In Taiwan, there are counterfeit red yeast rice bottled products which have been sold via the internet. The fake bottled product is definitely not the original red yeast rice product of Professor Tzu-Ming Pan (娘家大紅趜). As the material provider and manufactory of original red yeast rice product, SunWay Biotech (SunWay) urges everyone should not only stop buying the fake product but also stop forwarding the information of the fake bottled product. The fake bottled product might do harm to your own health. Both SunWay and authorized reseller shall protect our intellectual properties. Please be assured that we would investigate all leads of the illegal activity and shall take appropriate legal action against the mean and unworthy sellers. The counterfeit/fake product (please see the left one) and original product (right one) are shown in the figure below. Please share this emergency notice and keep supporting the original red yeast rice product. Please purchase the product from the official authorized channels, or call the customer service directly at +886-800066099. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on the FB or SunWay’s website. Thank you for your help.


Interview from PharmaBoardRoom: George J. Lee, Ph.D. – Chairman; Tzu-Ming Pan, Ph.D – Vice Chairman and Chief Technology and Science Officer, SunWay Biotech, Taiwan

    George Lee and Tzu-Ming Pan introduce SunWay Biotech’s groundbreaking red yeast rice extract, ANKASCIN® 568-R, which has been recognized as a New Dietary Ingredient by the US FDA. SunWay Biotech is now bringing this unique product onto the global stage and are considering developing a pharmaceutical product based on the same compounds.