[Emergency Notice!!]

[Emergency Notice!!]

In Taiwan, there are counterfeit red yeast rice bottled products which have been sold via the internet. The fake bottled product is definitely not the original red yeast rice product of Professor Tzu-Ming Pan (娘家大紅趜).

As the material provider and manufactory of original red yeast rice product, SunWay Biotech (SunWay) urges everyone should not only stop buying the fake product but also stop forwarding the information of the fake bottled product. The fake bottled product might do harm to your own health.

Both SunWay and authorized reseller shall protect our intellectual properties. Please be assured that we would investigate all leads of the illegal activity and shall take appropriate legal action against the mean and unworthy sellers.

The counterfeit/fake product (please see the left one) and original product (right one) are shown in the figure below. Please share this emergency notice and keep supporting the original red yeast rice product.

Please purchase the product from the official authorized channels, or call the customer service directly at +886-800066099. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on the FB or SunWay’s website.

Thank you for your help.