Ingredient Description

ANKASCIN 568-R is extracted from fermented products of patented functional red yeast strain (Monascus purpureus  NTU 568). Unlike conventional manual fermentation with derivative quality instability, this premium ingredient is the only red yeast fermented extract manufactured using an exclusive automated solid state fermentation technique. ANKASCIN 568-R is FREE of risky lovastatin/monacolin K but contains high levels of another two new active compounds (Monascin and Ankaflavin). Safety and functions have been verified through plenty of animal and clinical studies. In 2015, this ingredient was honorably reviewed and accepted by the US FDA as a NEW DIETARY INGREDIENT (NDI), which made it the only eligible red yeast ingredient on the US market that could legally apply claims and clearly specify the contents of active compounds. Therefore, it is greatly suitable for formulation of dietary supplements and fortified foods.

Strain Characteristics

Monascus purpureus  NTU 568 is a patented functional red yeast strain isolated and studied for more than ten years by the research team of Professor Tzu-Ming Pan from National Taiwan University. Its fermented products contain high levels of two active compounds: Monascin and Ankaflavin. Science basis is perfectly supported by more than 120 related SCI publications, including a large number of animal and clinical studies verifying its effects on regulation of blood lipids, blood glucose, blood pressure, prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease, etc. It was also certified with plenty of patents from the USA, EU, Canada, Japan, Australia, China, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, etc.

Ingredient Information

  1. Active Compound Contents: Monascin ≧ 28 mg/g; Ankaflavin ≧ 9 mg/g
  2. Daily Dosage: 110 mg or 220 mg (pursuant to the NDI acknowledgement from the US FDA)
  3. Appearance: red powder
  4. Package: 2 kg/aluminum foil bag
  5. Storage Condition and Shelf Life: 2 years when sealed and stored at 25°C
  6. Safety Tests:
    • The implementation of the safety test was entrusted to QPS Taiwan
      • Repeated Dose 13-week Oral Toxicity Study in Rats
      • Ames Test
      • In Vitro  Chromosome Aberration Assay in Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells
      • Micronucleus Assay in Mice
    • The testing reports from impartial third parties
    • Microbiological safety tests ─ Strict internal verification criteria
    • Vegetarian and free of all Major Food Allergens
  7. Special Status: New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) accepted by the US FDA (report # 1071)
  8. Patents and Research:
    • Patents – USA/EU/Canada/Japan/Australia/China/Taiwan/Singapore/Korea
    • Research – more than 120 publications on international SCI journals
      • J Food Sci. (2010) A 90-D Toxicity Study of Monascus -Fermented Products Including High Citrinin Level
      • Food Biotechnology (2010) Characterization of a Multifunctional Monascus  Isolate NTU 568 with High Azaphilone Pigments Production
      • AMB(2010) Development of Monascus  fermentation technology for high hypolipidemic effect
      • J. Agric. Food Chem.(2013) Anti-inflammatory Properties of Yellow and Orange Pigments from Monascus purpureus  NTU 568
  9. Certification for Exclusive Strain Identity:
    International bacteria storage

    • German Collection of Microorganisms and Cell Cultures (DSMZ)
    • ID Code: DSM 28072
    • Whole genome decoding