Vigiis 101-LAB-3

Ingredient Description

Vigiis101-LAB contains an excellent patented functional strain Lactobacillus paracasei  subsp. paracasei  NTU 101, which is a legally edible probiotic species in EU, Canada, China, and Taiwan. Safety and functions have been verified through plenty of scientific studies. It possesses strong tolerance to gastric acid and bile salts so there is no need for microencapsulation. As a food ingredient and/or dietary ingredient, its concentration is up to more than 100 billion CFU/g and very low water activity (< 0.1) contributes to its high stability. Thus, it is very suitable for formulation of dietary supplements and fortified foods.

Strain Characteristics

Lactobacillus paracasei  subsp. paracasei  NTU 101 is a patented functional strain of lactic acid bacteria, studied for more than ten years by the research team of Professor Tzu-Ming Pan from National Taiwan University. It is isolated from the intestinal microbial flora of breast-fed infants in 3 days after birth. Science basis is greatly backed by more than 20 related SCI publications, including many animal studies demonstrating the effects of this strain and its fermented products on enhancing digestion, improvement in gastrointestinal microbiota, modulation of immune system and allergic reaction, etc.

Ingredient Information

  1. Live Cell Content: >1011 CFU/g; customized content on request
  2. Appearance: light yellow powder
  3. Package: 1 kg/aluminum foil bag
  4. Storage Condition and Shelf Life: 2 years when sealed and stored at -20°C
  5. Safety Tests:
    • The implementation of the safety test was entrusted to the Institute of Toxicology, College of Medicine, National Taiwan University
      • 28-day Oral Toxicity Assay
      • Ames Test
      • Chromosomal Aberration Test
      • Micronucleus Test
    • The testing reports from impartial third parties
    • Microbiological safety tests ─ Strict internal verification criteria
  6. Patents and Research:
    • Patents ─ USA/EU/Japan/China/Taiwan (in progress)
    • Research – more than 23 publications on international SCI journals
      • AMB(2012) Beneficial effects of Lactobacillus paracasei  subsp. paracasei  NTU 101 and its fermented products
      • AMB(2012) The beneficial effects of Lactobacillus  immunomodulatory activities on immune functions improvement
      • AMB(2013) Beneficial effects of phytoestrogens and their metabolites produced by intestinal microflora on bone health
  7. Certification for Exclusive Strain Identity:
    International bacteria storage

      • German Collection of Microorganisms and Cell Cultures (DSMZ)
      • ID Code: DSM 28047
      • Whole genome decoding