SunWay Biotech had earned recognition from President Tsai of Taiwan

sunway president tsai

President Tsai Ing-wen met the 2022 Outstanding Biotechnology Industry Award winners on 23rd February. She emphasized that the government will continue to invest resources and adjust and amend relevant laws and regulations to improve the competitiveness of the biotechnology and medical industry continuously. Thus, technology and medical enterprises will develop more vigorously and create more welfare for the public.

SunWay Biotech is committed to applying diverse and effective microorganisms and developing efficient and unique fermentation processes to provide high-quality products that ensure carefree health across the globe. In addition to winning the Taiwan BIO Award-Advanced National Innovation Award” for two consecutive years in 2020 and 2021, SunWay was honored to be awarded the Gold Award of 2022 Taiwan BIO Award! SunWay was invited to meet with President Tsai and discuss with the President and other participants how to continuously improve the competitiveness of the biotechnology and medical industry and become Taiwan’s next trillion-dollar industry!

President John Pan of SunWay Biotech also expressed his gratitude to every colleague, customer, shareholder, and the most important technological inventor, Professor Tzu-Ming Pan, for allowing SunWay to create another sacred mountain for Taiwan!

Source: Office of the President