White Paper-The ANKASCIN 568-R, safe, effective, and approved red yeast rice extract


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death globally. Some of the risk factors for CVD include high cholesterol, hypertension and diabetes. Red yeast rice has been shown to help lower cholesterol and improve blood circulation, as well as positively impacting blood lipids, blood glucose and blood pressure. This Whitepaper by SunWay Biotech Co. Ltd. explores the potential of ANKASCIN® 568-R red yeast rice extract—which does not contain monacolin K (statin)—in heart health dietary supplement applications.

   • The CDC attributes one-quarter of American deaths annually to CVD, with no

      gender bias.

   • U.S. sales of red yeast rice dietary supplements were estimated at $49 million in 2015.

   • The U.S. heart health ingredient market is predicted to reach $15.2 billion by 2018